Big water boat rigging at it's best.

I don't care who you are; if you want to buy something, you want it to last. Well here it is!  When it comes to rigging your boat for big water, here's the solution: 

Fishing rod holders and boat rigging equipment designed and manufactured by fishermen to perform for fishermen.  The products are so unique in their design, you can see the attempts to copy them in almost every other name brand of fishing rod holders.  

Tube rod holders that not only have unlimited adjustments, they are simplicity at it's best.  With almost no moving parts to wear out, they are the least vulnerable to parts issues on the water.  Have you ever had an issue with getting  your fishing pole out of the rod holder when you hook up with big fish?  I know I have, and the designer of Great Lakes Holders has incorporated the solution.

The outstanding feature of being able to lock in any position is complemented by a fish on motion release.  While pulling down and away from the boat, the fishing rod holder stays in any position. When a fish hooks up, any fisherman is able to grab the rod and pull it toward them while still placed in the holder.  The rod holder and fishing pole, now in a more upright position, is closer to the fisherman and the rod can more easily be removed to fight the fish.    

Innovation and attention to a fisherman's needs are exactly what Great Lakes Holders are all about.  The next generation of Great Lakes Holders' products are here, reaping the same insight and benefits as well.

While rigging a boat to fish big water, rocket launchers are essential because of the variety of equipment you're fishing with.  In designing their rocket launchers, Great Lakes Holders has thought of everything.  Not only are they adjustable from width to height, they tilt and lock in any position for storage.  Rocket launchers are certainly an investment, and the flexibility with installation and storage options allows them to be easily removed for storage or for reinstallation on your latest purchase.  How's that for the gift that keeps on giving?

There are many more advantages to the product lines offered by Great Lakes Holders. If you're looking to invest the time and energy into rigging your boat for the big water, why not choose the highest quality products available?  Take it from Ernest Miller, owner of Last Cast Charters. These products are top of the line and worth the time to investigate.

Captain: Ernest Miller

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